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Blow up sex dolls are an affordable way to add some extra fun ito life. Wether you are wnating a blow up sex doll for a gag gift at a bachelor party, or for a cheap dat that is garunteed to say yes and give you a great time, blow up sex dolls are a fun and safe way to add a little extra excitement to your life.

There are many great blow up sex dolls on the market today, including:

The Ashton Moore blow up sex doll!

The Christi Lake blow up bondage doll!

and the Jenna Haze blow up sex doll which stands on all fours and is always ready for some doggy style action!




If you are looking for sex dolls that are a bit more realistic, check out our realistic and life like sex dolls page.

More Blow Up Dolls


Sunrise 3 Hole Blow-Up Doll

Tawny 3 Hole Blow-Up Doll

Sunrise 3 Hole Blow-Up Doll-smBefore, you never thought it was possible to make love to a porn star, but now thanks to Sunrise!

Tawny 3 Hole Blow-Up Doll-smTawny the big titties porno slut, now a blowup doll you can take her in any of her three holes. Tawny is waiting for a good time, now give it to her any way you want! Anal, vaginal, oral - she’s ready, willing and able.

Back Door Baby Doll

Wild Honey Sex Doll

Back Door Baby Doll-smShe has her own wrist restraints and she is ready and waiting for your correction.

Wild Honey Love DollGet down and dirty with her. She has three inviting holes for you to play around with

Pamela Love Doll

J Ho Famous Fanny Love Doll

Pamela Love Doll-smShe's the world's sexiest lifeguard and she's here to rescue you! Meet Pamela, the busty

J Ho Famous Fanny Love Doll-smShe's got the most celebrated ass in town and now it's all yours! You can enjoy every

Jenna 3 Hole Blow-Up Doll

Shane's World College Doll

Jenna 3 Hole Blow-Up Doll-smJenna as a blowup doll - cheap 3 hole sex that easy to get and fun to fantasize about. Fucking a porn star is cheap when you take advantage of this offer!

Shanes World College Doll-smBlow me up and you don't have to buy me dinner! This doll has 3 love holes

Lindsey Fully Loaded Love Doll

Wrap Around Lover Doll

Lindsey Fully Loaded Love Doll-smRev up your sex drive. She's back! She's no love bug, she's a fiery red little slut.

Wrap Around Lover Doll-smThis doll will have you in ecstasy in no time! Her exquisite design allows you to wrap her...

Aiko UR3 Anime Lovedoll

Kimmi UR3 Anime Lovedoll

Aiko UR3 Anime Lovedoll-smShe may look shy, but she’s always ready and willing to satisfy your every need. Aiko

Kimmi UR3 Anime Lovedoll-smShe may look shy, but she’s always ready and willing to satisfy your every need. Kimmi is one hot anime sex doll!

Private Secretary Doll

Lovin' Ladyboy Transsexual Love Doll

Private Secretary DollSo you want to bang the heck out of your Secretary but you need a bit of practice.

Ladyboy Transsexual Love Doll-smExplore this little lady's soft inflatable mouth and anal openings. Her pretty lady boy

My Naughty Nurse

Patty Penetrator Doggystyle Doll

My Naughty Nurse-smThis Naughty nurse wants to take your temperature. She’s ready to take care of your needs.

Patty Penetrator-smDoggie Style Love Doll. Our new Patty Penetrator Doll is always ready for it in her mouth,

California Girl Love Doll

Sexy Flight Attendant Doll

California Girl Love DollEvery guy wants a “California Girl”. Now you can… any time you want! This love doll comes

Sexy Flight Attendant Doll-smJoin the Mile High Club without ever leaving the ground! Rip off her uniform, try on her


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Sex Dolls are a fun way to add a little excitement to any night! Be sure to follow proper cleaning and care of your sex doll for the longest lasting pleasure, and never share a sex doll without using a condom.