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Virtual Girl Living Foam Sex Doll

CyberSkin Vibrating Cyber Chick

Virtual Girl Living Foam DollThe 1st life size sex companion with CyberSkin® lips, vagina, & anus. Made with life-like Virtex skin for Virtual Touch sex! She remains in a kneeling position & is about 3 feet tall.

CyberSkin Vibrating Cyber ChickA vibrating, life size, inflatable sex doll, to rock your cock into cyber ecstasy! Dual purpose CyberSkin® masturbation sleeve. It feels like a real pussy and ass.

Young n Hot Vibrating CyberSkin Doll

CyberSkin Vibrating Cinnamon Cyber Chic

Young n Hot Vibrating CyberSkin DollTeach her all you know. She's all grown up and ready to learn. Her pretty mouth is waiting...

CyberSkin Vibrating Cinnamon Cyber ChicNot in the mood to beg for another sympathy fuck? Try this new CyberSkin® fuck doll!

Tokyo Diva Life-size Sex Doll


Tokyo Diva Life-size Sex Doll-smThis Asian beauty will satisfy your deepest longings with CyberSkin vaginal and anal


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Sex Dolls are a fun way to add a little excitement to any night! Be sure to follow proper cleaning and care of your sex doll for the longest lasting pleasure, and never share a sex doll without using a condom.