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Today there are several options for choosing a very realistic and life like sex doll. Today’s sex doll materials offer a very life like look and feel. Many people feel that the futurotic, cyberskin and silicone materials used in today’s high end sex dolls offer the perfect feel of real pussy and ass, both on the inside and out.

real-doll-stacy-very-life-likeLife like sex dolls include the high end models such as the Jenna Jameson Ultimate Sex Doll, which even has movable arms, and the Hustler Virtual Girl Living Foam Sex Doll; the 1st life size sex companion with CyberSkin lips, pussy and ass, with very solid foam for the body which won’t puncture and deflate like many “blow up dolls”.

It all comes down to this:
You can get as realistic a sex doll as you are willing to pay for.

Generally for under a $100 you end up with a basic blow up sex doll. The cheap blow up sex dolls are not very realistic, but with the lights off, it’s a guaranteed orgasm for less than dinner and a movie - just keep a repair kit on hand and never jump on a blow up doll with your belt, zipper or watch poking it, for this could seriously shorten the life span of the less expensive models.

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Sex Dolls are a fun way to add a little excitement to any night! Be sure to follow proper cleaning and care of your sex doll for the longest lasting pleasure, and never share a sex doll without using a condom.